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About "The Jordan Nicole"

Hear It From Me

HELLO EVERYONE! WELCOME TO THE JORDAN NICOLE! My name is Jordan Nicole Murray. I'm from Los Angeles, but I currently live in New York City for college. I am a double-major in Journalism and Cinema Studies. I started posting photos to Instagram of my favorite things, in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in 2017 under the username @latrendygirl and I quickly found that I loved sharing all of my favorites with my followers and with the world. I took my love of fashion and used that to create something that has transformed into a passion and job. I've since changed the name of my blog to The Jordan Nicole, but my mission stays the same. My dream in life is to become the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine and "The Jordan Nicole" is my first step toward achieving that goal. Here you will find articles that I've written on topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, race, gender, and social justice. Please enjoy!

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