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6 Black-Owned Lingerie Brands

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

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Within the past year, there has been a push to celebrate, promote, and buy from Black owned brands that create a variety of merchandise such as clothing, accessories, beauty products, and even food. One area where Black women, specifically, have been thriving is in lingerie. The lack of range in the colors that are considered “nude” when it comes to lingerie has been an ongoing problem for Black women.

Lingerie companies typically include only only one shade of nude that is usually too light to match the skintone of many Black women. Their use of this one tone of nude signaled that they are only catering to light-skinned women and do not take into account the needs of their Black shoppers. The reality of our world is that women come in all different shades, and to cater to everyone, lingerie brands need to carry a wide shade range. Another area where several lingerie brands fall short is in inclusivity through the lack of representation of Black models in the branding and styling of lingerie. Because of these two issues, Black women entrepreneurs and business owners took it upon themselves to create their own lingerie brands that include a wide range of colors that all women could choose from and their brands offer more representation of Black women. Here are 6 amazing Black owned lingerie brands to shop from:

1. Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin was founded by Ade Hassan with the purpose of creating nude colored lingerie that matches the skin tones of all Black women. After noticing the lack of diversity in shade range, Hassan decided to solve the problem herself by creating her own brand. Her website offers a variety of lingerie pieces that can match your skin tone.

2. Liberté

If you are looking for a lingerie brand that not only looks incredible on, but offers comfort and support, Liberté is the brand for you. Liberté was founded by model Amber Tolliver because she wanted to create a brand that catered to all women and their needs of aesthetic beauty and support.

3. Nude Barre

Nude Barre was created by Erin Carpenter, a professional dancer. After noticing that Black women who are dancers have a much harder time finding the proper color of tights and undergarments, she decided to make her own brand that fits these needs. Nude Barre provides hosiery for women and children of all shades, so they don’t experience the same hardships as her in the dance world.

4. Proclaim

Proclaim’s clothing items are size-inclusive, diverse in their shade range, comfortable, and all of their pieces are ethically made by using earth-conscious materials. By shopping Proclaim, you are supporting representation and the safety of our planet.

5. Blue Reign

Blue Reign was created by fashion designer Alx Jordan. She created clothing pieces with the goal of providing a sense of sultriness and sensuality to boost the confidence of women when they wear her garments.

6. Savage x Fenty

Last, but not least, one of the most popular lingerie brands of the moment is Savage x Fenty, which was created by singer and icon, Rihanna. The brand offers size inclusivity as well as much-needed representation for Black women on their website and on their runways. Savage x Fenty breaks boundaries when it comes to creating a brand that truly represents all women.

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