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6 Sustainable WOC Owned Fashion Brands

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

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1. Wasi Clothing

Wasi Clothing was founded by Vanessa Acosta, a Bolivian American designer, who runs the business on her own, making it a one-woman business. She hand makes all her clothing items and all of her fabrics are from South America. Her goal for Wasi Clothing is for it to create a space that sheds light on Bolivian culture.

2. Sotela

Sotela is a Latinx-owned size-inclusive and ethically made clothing brand. Their mission is to create clothing items that grow your body confidence and make you love your body. Sotela wants you to appreciate yourself for who you are.

3. Selva Negra

Selva Negra was founded in Crown Heights by Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero. Their clothing is made to be comfortable yet stylish with fun silhouettes and shapes of the garments. All of their clothing items are made from ethically sourced fabrics.

4. Cambio & Co

Cambio & Co is a sustainable fashion brand created with the mission of showcasing Filipino culture and making ethically sourced clothing. All items are handcrafted by Filipino artists in the Philippines to give them access to the global market.

5. House of Aama

House of Aama was created by mother-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka. House of Aama aims to represent Black culture and experiences through the use of historical references, research and analysis when designing the garments. The brand aims to put a spotlight on dialogue that surrounds heritage.

6. Dear Samfu

Dear Samfu’s mission as a sustainable brand is to provide the sense of grandma values of mindfulness and sustainability into clothing items for modern women. The Samfu was a popular clothing style in Singapore that sprung up in the 1950s and 60s. The clothing style is associated with grandmothers, but Dear Samfu is modernizing the traditional samfu garment for the women of today.

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