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If You are Looking For A New Sustainable Brand: Please Try OGLmove !!!!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

With environmentally friendly clothing being an important topic of discussion in the fashion world, it's important that we find brands that are sustainable. If you are looking for some more sustainable brands, I would highly recommend trying OGLmove! OGLmove was created to provide fashion-forward and eco-friendly clothing to the masses. Not only are their pieces trendy and cute, but it is nice to know what goes into the creation of their garments. OGLmove gives consumers a view into how their clothing is made so that buyers know that they are shopping from a brand that is truly ethical. Here are the pieces they sent me and my reviews!

1. Unisex Peach Skin French Terry Core Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in Lavender Fields

This sweatshirt and sweatpant pair has quickly become my new favorite set! The color is adorable and they pair perfectly with both boots and sneakers. The material is super soft and insanely good quality. If you are looking for more sweat-sets, make sure to check out this one!

2. Jacquard Cashmere-Like Flirty Cropped Button Down

If you live in a colder climate, this button-down top is the perfect layering piece! It can be dressed up with a pair of leather pants or dressed down with a pair of jeans or sweats! It's the perfect top to layer a jacket or flannel over. It's super soft and the thick material keeps you warm in the cooler months.

3. Jacquard Cashmere-Like Flirty Mock-Neck Shrug Set

This set is incredibly versatile and gives you the ability to create so many different outfits! You can wear the shrug and the tank together, the tank on its own, and the shrug on its own with a different top. It's incredibly soft and has a really flattering cut!

4. Wood Cellulose Cutout-Shoulder Long Sleeve top

This cutout top has quickly become my new favorite going-out top! The cute cutout on the shoulder spices up a plain black top and adds interest to the look. It makes a really good night-out outfit for the winter. I like to pair this top with leather pants or jeans and some black booties.

5. Double Waistband Sweatpants-Classic

If you are looking for some comfy and cozy sweats, this is the perfect pair for you. These sweats are super soft and can be styled for street style or for a chill day doing work at home. The extra waistband adds some more comfort and a cute touch :)

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