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What I'm wearing this winter: 5 trendy items you need

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Like for so many others, fall and winter fashion are most definitely my favorite. Nothing is better than wearing a warm sweater with a pair of leather pants and some chunky boots. Layering reigns supreme and coats become my favorite accessory.

This year’s trends don’t fall short and are making winter outfits more fun than we’ve seen in previous years. Here is what I’m wearing this season:

1. Colorful and patterned knits

My favorite part of the winter season is absolutely the sweaters. My go-to outfit will always be a chunky knit, a pair of jeans and a pair of boots.

One of my top trends for this year is the super fun, colored and patterned knits. Whether they’re thin and tight or big and oversized, knit sweaters in saturated colors and funky patterns are everywhere. If you’re looking to find some for yourself, try The Ragged Priest or Ost London.

2. Thick scarves

A necessary accessory to keep you warm has always been a scarf, except this year we are seeing them in new ways.

This season, we are seeing big, chunky blanket scarves that come in fun colors and patterns. Saturated colors have been a huge trend so far, and our scarves are no exception. If you are looking to invest in a nice scarf, check out Acne Studios. If you are looking for a less expensive option, check out Asos.

3. Platform boots

I could not have the winter season without a pair of platform boots. Whether the platform is flat or heeled, they are definitely a must for your winter wardrobe.

They’re the perfect going-out shoe for when the terrain gets rough, and they provide comfort and protection for your feet when walking around during these colder months. When looking for platform boots, try Steve Madden, Dr. Martens or Lamoda.

4. Fun denim

The best way to spice the basic sweater-and-jeans combo is by swapping out your basic jeans for a pair that adds more interest through different cuts and embellishments. Maybe try a pair of jeans with an asymmetrical waist, embellishments on the hem or patchwork style. Try varying the colors and maybe try buying a colored pair of denim to add some brightness to the gloomy winter weather. If you are looking for jeans that fit this description, try shopping at Jaded London, or maybe try thrifting a pair.

5. Sweat sets

When I’m only in the mood for comfort, matching sweat sets are the way to go. Having a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants combo makes for a super put-together, yet stylish outfit. Add a cute coat, a pair of fun sneakers and some jewelry to elevate the look.

If you are looking for some cute sweat sets, try the Daily Optimist.

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